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Orange Micro Crush Guitar Amplifier

The Orange Micro Crush is a small, 9 volt battery powered amplifier.  The amplifier is rated at 3 watts of output power and the orange covered wood and metal enclosure contains a 4 Inch speaker.

orange-micro-crush-6 orange-micro-crush-8 orange-micro-crush-9 orange-micro-crush-10


Here is a rear view of the orange micro crush guitar amplifier.  The rear panel contains a 3.5mm headphone jack and input jack for using an AC power adapter.

The 9 Volt Battery is inserted into the bottom of the amplifier.  This amplifier works best with the AC Adapter connected.  The AC adapter provides a noticeable volume increase over the battery.  A typical 9 volt alkaline battery will not last very long in this amp so I would recommend a rechargeable Li-ion battery and charger.

orange-micro-crush-1 orange-micro-crush-inside-view-1 orange-micro-crush-circuit-board-1 orange-micro-crush-inside-view-2 orange-micro-crush-inside-view-3 orange-micro-crush-speaker-2 orange-micro-crush-speaker-1


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