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Danelectro Hodad Guitar Amplifier



The Danelectro Hodad Guitar Amplifier comes in 2 flavors, the Danelectro Hodad DH-1 and the Hodad DH-2.

The Danelectro Hodad DH-2 has Volume, Gain, and Tone controls where the DH-1, adds echo and tremolo effects.

Danelectro Hodad-Guitar-Amp-5

The basic version of the Danelectro Hodad is the DH-2 Mini Amp


Danelectro Hodad-Guitar-Amp-3


The DH-1, adds echo and tremolo effects

Danelectro Hodad-Guitar-Amp-2



The DH-1 shown as packaged.



Top View of Hodad DH-1 Controls

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