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Cigar Box Guitar Amplifiers

Cigar Boxes make great enclosures for a battery powered guitar amp or an amplifier for connecting your MP3 Player.  What I like is the uniqueness of the finished amp since there are so many varieties of cigar boxes available.

I personally prefer to find a cigar box that is made of wood (thicker is better) and has hinges on the lid and a latch to keep the lid closed.  These types of boxes allow for easy access to the inside of the enclosure.  It also allows for the battery to be located inside the box rather than use a plastic battery tray that requires wood to be removed from the box and possibly altering the tone of the amp.

Since each cigar box is different, each cigar box amplifier can have different sound characteristics. By combining all the elements including the cigar box enclosure, amplifier circuit and speaker, you can create an amplifier that not only looks completely different but sounds different as well.

Since you are using a battery to power the amp, these amplifiers are perfect for street performances, camping, or anywhere else you need a portable amp.

I guarantee, if you pull out a cigar box amp, you will get lots of attention and questions like “what is that thing?” or “where can I get one?’

Here are a few of the amplifiers I have built.





Red Cigar Box Amp




Nick's Sticks Cigar Box Amp



3 Speaker Cigar Box Amplifier

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