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Cigar Box Guitar Amp Construction Notes

Cigar Box Amp Construction Notes:

Parts included in the Kit:


  • Amp Board – 1 each
  • Input Jack – 1 each
  • 10K Gain Control Potentiometer
  • Knobs – 2 each
  • LED – 1 each
  • LED Grommet – 1 each
  • Metal Battery Holding Clip – 1 each
  • 9 Volt Battery Clip – 1 each
  • Power Jack for Optional AC Adapter – 1 each
  • Hook-up Wire
  • Cigar Box (Not Shown)
  • Speaker (Not Shown)
  • Hardware (Not Shown)

Wiring Diagram

Back of Amp Board Showing Connections


Input Connector Wiring Details

Gain Control Details

Completed Amp Wiring

Wiring Instructions

Wire the components as shown in the diagrams and pictures supplied. The amp board is marked to show where the speaker, input jack, battery and LED are connected.

Input Jack Connections

Use the included hook-up wire and cut a red and black wire to the desired length for the input jack leads. It is best to keep the lead lengths as short as possible to reduce hum and noise. Using a wire stripper, cut back the insulation to allow for soldering. Using a soldering iron, tin the ends of each wire for best results. Solder the wires to the connector as shown in the picture. Connect the red wire to the tip of the jack, black wire to the ground of the connector. The other ends of these wires will be connected to the input and ground connections on the amp board.

Speaker Connections

Use the included hook-up wire and cut a red and black wire to the desired length for the Speaker connections. Pay attention to the polarity of the speaker and connect the positive from the amp board to the positive of the speaker and the negative from the amp board to the negative of the speaker.

Gain Control Potentiometer

Connect the gain potentiometer as shown in the pictures. “Gain 1” on the amp board is connected to the left leg of the control (looking from the back of the pot) and “Gain 2” is connected to the center leg of the pot.

Negative/Ground Connections

There are three (3) wires that get soldered to the one common ground connection of the amp board. To insure a good electrical connection, you may need to solder all the ground wires together first and then to the board.

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