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Welcome to Battery Powered Guitar Amps.  This is where you will find information on building or purchasing your own battery powered guitar amplifier.  Battery powered amps are low cost, portable and sound great!  They can be built using a variety of enclosures including one of my personal favorites, the cigar box or you can construct your own enclosure as I have done with the “J-Box“.  In fact, one of the coolest things about building one of these small amplifiers is that you have limitless possibilities.  These amps can be built in an empty pack of cigarettes, an empty beer or soda can, an old cookie tin, what ever you might find that is interesting.  You can also purchase amplifiers that are already built and ready to play.  Since no two amplifiers are ever exactly the same so you may want more than just one!

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Since you can run the amp on batteries they are the perfect companion for the beach, camping or travel.  With a small battery powered amp you may find yourself playing a impromptu outdoor concert!  Personally, I use my small amp because its convenient and it sounds great.  Just the thing for late night practice sessions.  I also like how it adds some grit and character to my accoustic-electric guitar.  Its the perfect companion for slide guitar.



I prefer the hand built amps over the mass produced amps mainly because they have way more mojo.  I like that a hand built amp utilizes real wood and metal parts rather than plastic.  Oh… and building your own musical instruments is extremely rewarding and way cool.


Please check out the articles on this website on how to build your own amp.  If you wish to purchase an amplifier that is already built and ready to play you are in right place too.  Either way, Battery Powered Guitar Guitar Amplifiers ROCK!